About Us

Vision & Mission


To match and supersede world class standards, in both service and product delivery, by remaining committed to customer satisfaction; to expand horizons and push boundaries, both in our existing and future endeavours, so as to provide continuous growth, profit and prosperity to all our internal and external stakeholders.


Our guidelines in order to prosper, thrive and realise the ESL Steel vision are:

Customer Expectations

To employ only the latest and most cutting edge technologies, to institute best in class practices in order to deliver on and exceed customer expectations consistently.

Transparency and Shareholder Value

The company recognises its primary obligation to its shareholders and will pursue prudent strategies and corporate transparency in order to generate superior returns for its shareholders.

Raising the Bar

To find and explore fresh solutions, newer markets and ventures.

The ESL Steel Family

The greatest legacy ESL Steel will aim to leave behind will be its most valued resource, its intellectual capital. Recognising that learning is an essential contributor to growth, we will ensure a stimulating working environment for all our employees, who constitute members of the ESL Steel family.


Leadership will be more than a designated role at ESL Steel; it is encouraged and nurtured as a personal and professional quality.

Allegiance to The Community

ESL Steel will always owe and return its debt to society by contributing meaningfully to the community and society.

The Environment

ESL Steel will always be conscious that its world extends beyond its physical presence; hence its insistence on conducting its various manufacturing processes with an eye towards contributing to a safe and pollution-free environment.