Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the guiding force of Electrosteel, since we look beyond mere profits and seek to develop social values.


Electrosteel ventured into sustainable community based CSR programme from 2007 in Bokaro and does pursue a systematic approach to address the issue of health, education, social security, livelihood opportunity and environmental management in order to achieve continuous performance improvement. To reinforce its value of engagement with community and in compliance to its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, Electrosteel handholds the villagers to build up their own strengths and make them realize their potential.

The Green Field Project of Company puts continuous effort and intervention in the nearby villages under the Social Responsibility delivery model for the upliftment of the poor and the marginalized section of the society. Various initiatives have been taken into consideration to contribute an increase in the HUMAN DEVELOPMENT INDEX of the region.

Electrosteel Steels Limited - A Vedanta Group of Company.

Electrosteel Steels Ltd has setup 2.51 Million Ton Per ANNUM (MTPA) Greenfield Integrated Steel Plant near Siyaljori village in the Bokaro district of Jharkhand. It primarily consists of a Sinter Plant, Coke Oven, Blast Furnace, Billet Caster, Wire Road Mill, Bar Mill and Power Plant. The Company’s product range includes Pig Iron, Billets, TMT Bars, Wire Rods and Ductile Iron Pipes.

ESL has expertise and solutions from reputed manufactures. Along with the latest technology, the plant operates in synchronization with the highest ecological standards.



Hunting is integral to the tribal life in Jharkhand. The culture and practice of hunting has been integrated with one of the most popular and traditional sports of this state, Archery. Keeping this in mind 'ESL Dronacharya Archery Academy' was launched in February 2018 with the objective of touching the lives of the target group. ESL aims to develop this state of the art archery school to identify, nurture, handhold and train local youths and provide them an opportunity to hone their skills in this discipline. 23 students belonging to the under 15 category have been enrolled so far and are professionally trained by a national champion archer to enable them to participate at competitive level. The students are also provided with an entire archery kit range.

The school will be promoted as Talent Identification Center and will be affiliated to Khelo India ensuring a PPP model to work at the Bokaro district level. This programme is great help for the budding sports enthusiast and youths with hidden talents to try and test themselves in developing their skills and transforming their life and spreading their horizon of opportunities. This CSR programme further provide an opportunity trust with community and improve their participation in large scale. It is a small step towards overcoming the challenges and creating an equitable and efficient sporting avenue to develop the traditional skills in Archery.


In Jharkhand, grass root football programs for youth are rare. Five out of 10 school dropouts in Jharkhand are forced into child labour. To address the issue, a grass root football project has been designed by ESL to extend support beyond football in order to help in the battle against child labour and to arrest school dropout rates. This is an integrated programme that ensures a formal education, nutritional food and skill development in sports for the youth. The Company formed a group of youth who would work as catalysts so as to bring about change in the community. An integrated approach will ensure that sports and education together bring behavioral changes in children. Football is a traditional sport in Jharkhand and is played with rigour and passion at the village level and in order to promote this sport in and around the villages of the plant area, ESL started a coaching camp in the month of June 2018. 25 football players were shortlisted for further training. To develop good health in the rural youth is of prime importance as most of them cannot afford to have two square meals every day. However their level of energy and zeal to play are astonishing.

Consequently ESL's prime focus is on improving the health of these youth while simultaneously developing their skills during the coaching camp. ESL's Football Academy was incepted with the concept of extending the organization's reach. The initiative includes students from the nearby underprivileged localities who are trained by qualified football trainers. The academy is the opportunity to hope, aspire to something better than the current option and live the passion for life through sports professionally.


Health care has been regarded a significant thrust area in the region that has been very badly impacted by communicable and non-communicable disease. The programms of ESL aims to provide quality primary health care services to the rural population and to alleviate the difficulties faced by these unserved and underserved rural community.


ESL has given special attention on the health care facility introducing Mobile Health Unit programme. MHU unit was launched the Bokaro District for Chas and Chandankiyari Block in technical assistance with the Wockhardt Foundation. The van is equipped with all modern medical equipment and can diagnose illnesses such as malaria, dengue, typhoid, hepatitis, HBC, and sugar, etc. Over the first quarter, more than 5816 patients from 22 revenue villages took benefit of this facility. The camp brings primary health care services at the door step of the villages for at least 26 days in a week. This primary health care facility on wheels will ensure to touch 25000 lives per year and improve last mile connectivity of services which is deprived due to distance from major city hospitals at Bokaro.


The human eye has been called the most complex organ in our body. It's amazing that something so small can have so many working parts. But when you consider how difficult the task of providing vision really is, perhaps it's no wonder after all. Hence it is said "to protect your eyes is always wise". A regular eye test is the best way to protect our eyesight-- and an easy precaution to take-- as many sight-threatening diseases can be cured or slowed if caught early enough. ESL organized Free Cataract Operation Camp from 16th to 18th March, 2019 in association with K.M. Memorial Hospital, Bokaro. The main objective of this camp was to reach out to the aged people with cataract in remote villages.

On screening 2000 villagers in 7 camps from 15 villages, approximately 100 patients were identified with complete/partial vision loss from nearby villages. In the 1st batch, 28 senior citizens were operated successfully by Dr. Alok and his team.

To celebrate the moment, around 200 people were present at the RMHS gate to welcome the senior citizens with cured eye sight. Representation from all the departments, community leaders, and SHG members made it a moment worth cherishing. Mukhiya(s), Sarpanch(s) and ward members of all nearby villages invited for the event, welcomed the CSR initiatives and put forth their expectations from the new management. They also committed to extend their support in the growth of the Company as well as the society.


Blood donation camp was organized by the Electrosteel Vedanta CSR Department at 16 Khata Campus in November in association with Red Cross Society. The Company achieved a new mile stone in Jharkhand and registered a single day donation of 267 units of blood to the Red Cross Society which is the highest single day donation in Jharkhand. To acknowledge the effort and support of employees, ESL Vedanta management felicitated the donors in a function and appreciated their contribution for the good cause.

ESL Vedanta has been recognized for the highest blood donation for Bokaro district for the year 16-17. Accordingly DDC, Bokaro and M.P. Jagarnath Mahato felicitated CSR team for the achievement on 29th September, 2018. The camp was organized in partnership with Red Cross Society.


ESL regularly conducts in a calendar year health camps to sensitize community on vector borne disease like malaria and other communicable diseases as a prevention against outbreak or major health disruptions through check-up for the villagers. The camps form a part of the outreach intervention to build trust and goodwill with the community residing around the plant in the core, outreach and peripheral locations.

Diarrhea management and control program were conducted every year in diarrhea prone villages to sensitize people. Treatment of the affected people were also provided with support of Health Department, Government of Jharkhand.
As an extension to the health programme, first aid kits are provided to schools, sewing centre, Anganwadi Centers, sports academy around CSR operated areas for safety measures and action.


Tuberculosis being one of the rampant diseases in the area of operation to tackle the issue a tuberculosis screening camp was organized by CSR Department in collaboration with the Health Department, Government of Jharkhand. The total beneficiaries were twenty four during the program.

'Project RAKSHA' an initiative on Awareness and Sensitization Programme on HIV/AIDS

Electrosteel CSR Department in association with Jharkhand State AIDS Control Society (JSACS), Department of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of Jharkhand organised awareness and sensitization programme on HIV/AIDS, through a campaign, titled 'RAKSHA'.

The objective of the programme was to create awareness among the truckers, drivers and workers on HIV/AIDS, sensitize on the cause of transmission of HIV disease and inculcate the habit of safe sex. Total 93 persons (89 males and 4 females) were catered during the programme and HIV Test of 45 persons (41 males and 4 females) was done. 281 packets of condoms were also distributed.

ESL'S Footprints in Developing Women and Society

Women form a very large segment of Indian society but they are highly neglected and exploited. Company has made efforts to bridge the gap for them who stays around its operational areas. To make women independent and self-reliant, the CSR Department conducts many schemes that help them realize their potential and made them self-reliant. 80 SHGs (Self Help Groups) were operating in these villages which are being run by women. The women have been provided guidance in the matter credit culture of making savings, how to keep accounts, book keeping and managing their own bank accounts and also how to invest in Fixed Deposits. They have also been provided training in the setting up of micro enterprises and manufacturing of some daily use and fast moving items such as Muri, Vadi Pappad, Phenyl, Candles, Petticoats, etc.

The members of Self Help Group borrow at a subsidized rate from their group of approximately 24 percent per year, which is far lower compared to local moneylenders who charge as high as 100-120 percent per year. The other advantage is that interest paid by the borrowing member also becomes the income of the group and hence gets partially recycled back to the borrowing member. In this way they help each other in lending money and get out of clutch of local stronghold of exploitative money lenders.

Woman members of SHGs get an important place in her family and society, and establishes right to use available resources in the family. Social value of women after joining SHG, has increased leading to larger involvement in discussion with family members and enabling them to decide on increased expenditure on Health and Marriage events etc.

SHG women into village activities: members of SHG joined in Swach Bharat Mission (SBM) and participated in rally during bleaching programme in villages.


Promotion of Micro Enterprises is an important CSR initiative undertaken by Electrosteel which has been committed to deliver in villages. The Company aims to promote an equitable society without poverty by helping, create and broad basing livelihood opportunities for the marginalized communities and also to connect people, especially in and around its working areas, with the mainstream market.

Company believes that supporting women in developing their inherent latent potentialities would bring about a holistic development for the society at large. During the last five years, Electrosteel, through their Sewing Center Program has reached out to remote villages in Bokaro District in Jharkhand.

The initiative has been designed to empower village women to become entrepreneurs and teach sewing and stitching within the precincts of their homes. This programme is necessarily "inclusive" in character, thereby implying that the programme is implemented for the economically poor irrespective of caste, class, religion or creed.

Electrosteel Sewing Center teachers conducts regular classes (in stitching, tailoring and repairing of machines) to train all these village women entrepreneurs. Electrosteel provides 2 sewing machines to each center, a customized but standard Electrosteel Sewing Course syllabus designed by local trainers and other assets to run the center effectively.

The  trainings have been conducted in their vernacular language with the syllabus also available in the same language. More than 1000 women were already trained in handloom, sewing and embroidery works and completed one year course from Sewing Centers and another 260 students currently get sewing skills training every day from these centers. The centers are making a marked difference in the lives of the women. The women, on an average have started earning Rs. 2000/- per month, with the highest earning going up to Rs.5,000/- per month. This earning, though small, at the moment is working as a catalyst in building the self-confidence in women and raising her status within and outside the family. This financial income and increased self-worth is facilitating in creation of empowered change agents in the villages of Bokaro. After qualifying in an annual exam, the student graduates are invited in a graduation ceremony programme and handed over course completion certificate after a small function.

These talented Graduated students were then linked with Company run production center to produce garments and industrial hand gloves and handloom products.

Transforming them into IRONWomen

Keeping the Spirits High and High!!!

A sewing competition called "SPARDHA" is organized every year at the end of the one year long course. Top 10 students of the passed out batch of each center get a chance to participate in the Sewing Olympiad to showcase their skills and talents. 12 best performers of 11 centers, 3 each of 4 disciplines, win Sewing Machines every year.

The positive feedbacks from the Centers in the villages have created a lot enthusiasm amongst the people in the adjoining villages too. There is an increased demand from the community for starting Centers in the nearby villages. Due to paucity of qualified trainers in villages, Electrosteel started a pilot project of engaging old students as trainers in the New Centers who had passed out from existing Sewing Centers and had an experience of working independently for minimum 3 years as trainers. The experiment has been successful and now the model is being replicated in surrounding villages where stitching classes are being taken by old pass out students as trainers. In the next three years Electrosteel plans to start another 20 schools in Bokaro district. This is just the beginning of a challenging task and a journey towards empowering women by making village women financially independent and making them able enough to take charge of their lives. The dream of Make in India which germinates from these villages will only make India real Super Power One day and Electrosteel CSR team is working tireless in that direction only.

Sustainable Livelihood


ESL believes in creating sustainable livelihood opportunities in societies around its target areas for individuals from underprivileged households. ESL has created skill development programmes in collaboration with a partner NGO NBJK to develop and enhance people's abilities and provide them with job opportunities

  • Training of 320 students in 2 skill training centers under different trade and 220 students in 11 sewing training centers
  • Placement of 60% students in 1 year
  • Setup 2 skill training centers and 11 sewing training centers
  • Basic Computer Application - 4 Batches - 3 Months
  • General Duty Cum Assistant - 4 Batches - 3 Months
  • Mobile Repairing - 4 Batches - 3 Months
  • Beauticians - 3 Batches - 3 Months
  • Hand Gloves - 1 Batch - 3 Months



80 SHG supported by the Company in its operational region Women have been provided guidance on:
  • Making and handling money on the topic of credit culture
  • Keeping accounts
  • Maintaining books and handling their own bank accounts
  • Spending on fixed deposits

Training provided to SHG members in setting up of micro enterprises and manufacturing of some daily use and fast moving items such as

  • Muri
  • Hand gloves for industrial use
  • Phenyl
  • Candles
  • Petticoats, etc.

Environment Protection & Restoration


On 4th and 5th June 2019, the CSR Department of ESL celebrated World Environment Day. During the case, the following actions were carried out-Awareness and awareness programms in the town which was structured among Self Help Groups, Quiz, motto and drawing contest. In and around the settlements, 200 saplings were spread.


Road repair was performed through the SMS department waste recognized as LD Slag. The waste from the steel area is used to repair the highway. To date, 800 meters have been filled for highway repairs in Siyaljori and Bhagabandh Village.


Company lays stress on the need to provide safe and clean drinking water to the villages under its social development programs. Safe drinking water to the people is the primary need in these rural areas. With the intention of making available safe drinking water, the Company has under taken several measures. Hand pumps are the primary source of water in these villages. Hence the Company hired the services of 3 tube well mechanics for the timely repairing of these facilities. Response time for attendance of such complaints and repairs has been set to be done in 48 hours after receiving complaints.

The Company also provides the mechanics the requisite spare parts for maintenance at free of cost. 322 hand pumps were repaired in the year 18-19. From time to time repairs to the hand pump platforms were also done and 4 such units were repaired this year and in the case of wells, 3 defunct wells were also repaired and sanitized. Even 7 ponds were also taken up for excavation so as to increase their storage capacity and to de-silt and clean them. During the summer season, for festivals and on social occasions the Company provides drinking water through water tankers and on more than 283 such occasions, water was provided to the needy villagers. Schools, both government and private, were also the beneficiaries of this program. Tube wells in these schools were also regularly repaired and maintained on a priority basis free of cost.


Swachh Bharat Mission, the flagship cleanliness program of the GOI, has been an inclusive model of cleanliness drive where people from every strata of the society came forward to contribute. This year also we undertook the cleaning drive and bleaching powder distribution event under "Swachh Village Programme" and have been able to reach out to 14 villages since June 2018 and further plan to cover another 7 villages in next one month. The Programme aims to create an enabling environment of cleanliness in the entire village. Members of SHGs, women from the nearby villages and students of the nearby schools also participated to create awareness among the villagers.

Electrosteel grants toilet and water filters to Schools in Bokaro, Jharkhand

To support Prime Minister's dream of a Clean India by 2019, Electrosteel Steels Limited, a Vedanta group of Company, pledged to construct modern toilets in villages and schools in ensuring good and clean environment to every student so that they become the agents of change for whole society. ESL is committed to support the construction of 1000 toilets in Chas and Chandankyari Block of Bokaro district and contribute to this noble cause. Our Company aims to promote an enabling environment to secure students dignity, safety, health, hygiene and attendance in classes. To promote this culture and practice in community, CSR department of Electrosteel-Vedanta constructed toilets and provided water connections that include water tank, pipeline connection, installation of Z pump and electrical connection related to it in PSM High School, a private School of Siyaljori village which is located near plant. Along with that benches and desks were also distributed to the school authorities.

Dy CEO, Mr. Pankaj Malhan, inaugurated the toilets, tap water connections and donated benches and desks to school representatives in the gracious presence of Guest of Honors, DEO, Bokaro, Government of Jharkhand, Ms. Nilem Alin Toppo, CFO Mr. Jalaj Malpani, In-Charge Police Station and Local village representatives.

Farm Based Activity

Company has also taken up many activities that promote farm based development and help the farmers to gain knowledge and training for the enhancement of farm and agricultural products. In this regard the Company in the past year has conducted training in more than three places which were attended by more than 150 farmers from different villages. These farmers were taught about new methods of rice cultivation such as the SRI method which considerably increases the production of rice per hectare. The farmers were also given training in production of other farm products and provided high quality seeds for vegetables and other agro products. These villagers were trained, in tie up with KVK, Petarwar, in the setting up of Vermi-culture pits and how to produce organic manure and make judicious use of it to get maximum benefit. Four farmers have already started these units and many others have shown keen interests for the same.

Kharif training for two days were organized for farmers in which kharif cash crops and SRI were focused, seeds were distributed to farmers, and on field demonstration was done.

Post kharif training was done in villages and seed was distributed among the farmers. 158 farmers took training and benefitted.


Company has also organized Animal vaccination camps to promote the well-being of farm animals such as cows and goats. In co-operation with the Animal Husbandry Department of the Jharkhand Government, Company last year conducted two such camps to identify and treat such animals. As many as 100 cows and goats were treated in these camps at free of cost.

Children Wellbeing And Education

Jharkhand has achieved important milestones in the realms of literacy and primary education in the last one decade. However, despite the efforts that have been made, significant challenges and disparities still persist, especially in rural areas and among disadvantaged groups. The issues of retention and drop out along with the quality of learning are worrisome at the primary and elementary level. They continue to remain the central issues of schooling in Jharkhand. Two important concerns that ESL seeks to address are the following - the strengthening of learning systems to improve learning outcomes in children, and the strengthening of pedagogical efforts to improve Early Grade Literacy in children

Company also emphasis on the development of elementary and primary education system and guidelines in institutions and society. As a primary step the Company has undertaken the development of basic infrastructure in schools around it. It helped in the construction and up gradation of pukka (cement) classrooms and toilets as well as setting up of laboratories and libraries in these schools. Also the provision of safe drinking water was undertaken in many government and private schools. These schools were provided branded water filters and where ever needed filter candles were also replaced on regular basis. Training was also provided to the students in 24 schools on the use of first aid techniques and their benefits. 24 schools were also provided necessary medicines and these medicines are also restocked whenever needed at free of cost.


The Company also lays stress in the matter of promotion of quality education for the youth, children and women. In this regard, the Company has established special Tuition classes and 'Prerna' Classes for school going children and youths. Electrosteel has set up 4 tuition classes in various villages and was attended by more than 188 children. It also runs 5 'Prerna' classes in selected locations which provided special coaching classes to 154 students who appeared for Board exams in 2019. Only underprivileged students are eligible for this tuition classes at free of cost which runs for one year and all supporting teaching materials along with quality teachers are provided by ESL to help them secure good marks. At least 60% students from the Prerna Classes secure first division every year. Successful students are felicitated by Company every year with books and education materials as a mark for encouragement of higher studies. Company also sponsored salary of 2 full time Teachers deputed in PSM School on the request of villagers.

Centres Nos Beneficiary (2018-19)
Prerna classes 5 75
Tutorial Centres 4 206


With an objective to special emphasis on development of elementary and primary education system and guidelines in institutions and society following support has been provided by the Company in its peripheral area:

  • Sponsored salary of 2 full time Teachers deputed in PSM School on the request of villagers.
  • 72 students are availing bus facility provided by Company.


With an objective to promote extracurricular activity and to promote inherent talent within the students of the community ESL, CSR Department took an initiative and started drawing centre in the month of June 2019.


With the goal of implementing an Education Sponsorship Program in our region of operation, ESL distributed 1100 schools bags amongst the students of government schools of standard KG to V on 29 June, 2019.

Special Events

  • Bag Distribution programme to 1100 students in primary section of government schools in core villages
  • World Environment Day celebration done and awareness sensitization programme done and 200 saplings were distributed
  • Foundation stone laying ceremony - Foundation stone laying ceremony for pond excavation was done in 5 places in 5 villages.

Stakeholder Engagement Highlights


Prominent villagers like mukhiya, sarpanch, ward members; SHG members were engaged in the World Environment Day program. Around 50 people engaged in the program as part of employee volunteerism.


During the programme all the stakeholders of the nearby villages like mukhiya, sarphanch, ward members, school teachers, District Education officer, Company employees were involved during the programme and the event was a very successful having 1100 beneficiary who received the school bags.

Voters Awareness Programme for Employees and Nearby Community

The power to choose and elect our representatives conferred through the right to vote by the Constitution of India makes us one of the most powerful contenders of democracy across the world.

An HR initiative to make everyone aware of their duty towards the nation by encouraging them to vote was undertaken. Above is presented a glimpse of the herculean task undertaken by Company to not just become responsible employees but responsible citizens of the country too.

The CSR Department of Vedanta-Electrosteel also stepped forward to spread the word about the importance of voting. In this connection, a Voters’ Awareness Week was organized in 14 villages in Jharkhand from 9th April to 13th April 2019.

ESL Sets Record for Highest Blood Donation in the District

Our Company was recognized for the highest blood donation record set in a single day in Bokaro district, Jharkhand for year 2018-19, surpassing all previous records. Accordingly DDC, Bokaro and M.P. Jagarnath Mahato felicitated the CSR team for the achievement on 29th September, 2018. The camp was organized in partnership with Red Cross Society.

265 units of blood were donated by the employees for the good cause.

Safety week celebration: Road Safety drive from 21st February to 23rd February from Talgaria More to Bijulia

Electrosteel Steels Limited organized Road Safety drive from 21st February to 23rd February from Talgaria More to Bijulia More to create awareness in employees, workers, local community and drivers on road safety rules such as traffic lights, speed limits, driving rules, pedestrian rules.

Safety beyond the premises is as important as safety inside the premises. We need to change our behavior towards safety. Being a Socially responsible Company, ESL reached out to employees, workers, the communities and school students through various interactions during the drive.

The event was flagged off by DSP Chas, Bokaro and Dy .CEO. Shri Pankaj Malhan at Talgharia More. 50 employees from all departments voluntarily participated to create awareness on safety rules and disciplines for this 3 days event.  

The objective of the drive was to spread road safety tips among community members and employees. During the event, pamphlets containing road safety guidelines were distributed to enhance the awareness among community on how to be safe on roads. A pocket calendar containing road safety guidelines were distributed to the commuters who have violated road signals, speed limit and over taking on the Road. Banners and hoardings on road safety theme were displayed on roads and important locations in the villages.

Events lined up for the three days were poster designing competition on Road Safety, Innovative Slogans on road safety, Nukkar Natak ( Street Plays) by professional group, Road safety photography, health checkup for drivers, Road Shows, Road safety Training Awareness sessions and administration of CPR technique on the theme of Avoid Speeding - Prevent Accidents, Save life.

A Bike Road Show was organized to create awareness on Road Safety and Traffic Rules on 21st, inaugural day of safety drive. 30 enthusiastic employees with road safety and safe driving knowledge participated in the Road Show to sensitize people on the correct driving technique, traffic rules and speed. The bikers of the Road Show spread the message of importance of Crash Helmets, alcohol free driving for personal safety.

Vedanta believes to promote corporate volunteering culture and employee engagement practices in addressing social cause. Safety for all is a sensitive issue to be promoted proactively at different platforms.

CSR Success Stories

We are glad to share one of the success stories of our alumni from sewing and tailoring course to whom it has become a source of livelihood to support family.

Ms. Sobha Kumari daughter of Mr. Arjun Sharma of Modidih village has undergone training in Sewing and Tailoring center in our Modidih Sewing Centre in 2017. On completion of the course, being one of the brightest student of the center, she got an opportunity to represent in the Sewing Olympiad, Spardha in 2018.

She is having 3 brothers and 1 sister in her family. Her father being a marginal farmer, Arjun Sharma faced difficulty in maintaining day to day basic needs of the family and also to arrange education for his five children. At this time of hard struggle, he got a ray of hope from his daughter.

She won first Prize (sewing Machine) in ESL sewing competition, Spardha. She now stitches Salwar Kameez, blouses and children dresses and earns about Rs.3000/- per month and also is engaged in one of the Tailoring shop. Sobha has become a role model for all the girls in the village and has a dream to become a successful entrepreneur who will ensure a dignified life for her family.

She is very much grateful to "ESL" which helped her getting training in sewing and tailoring. At the same, expressing heartfelt "Thanks" to ESL.