Over-view and Approach


Sustainable development has always been a vital spoke of ESL's Wheel of Goals. Here at ESL, Sustainability is considered a core agenda by the management team as well as the employees. Aligned to Vedanta's seven pillars, we continuously strive to enhance our contribution to the global sustainability movement by incorporating pragmatic environmentally friendly alternatives along with the responsibility of ensuring Social and Environmental Compliance. Our distinctively defined governance structure and policies stand strong as a rigid foundation of our organized sustainable development framework. This framework revolves around four crucial elements namely; Governance, Environment, Health & Safety and Social Performance.

ESL maintains periodically upgraded HSES (Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability) focused management grid that helps in achieving Vedanta's objective of "Zero Harm, Zero Waste and Zero Discharge". In a nutshell, ESL aims to build a sustainable future for all the stakeholders and emerge as a leader in shaping India's self-reliance journey.

Our Approach:

ESL's approach towards sustainability is strategized effectively based on the PDCA cycle intertwined in the fabric of need-based assessment. Being a responsible IMS certified organization; ESL executes each and every project with strict sustainability centric considerations in line with the updated rules and regulations. Following Vedanta group's structure, an organized Sustainability Assurance Programme has been developed to conduct regular analytic assessment known as VSAP.

VSF (Vedanta Sustainability Framework):

Vedanta Sustainability Assurance Program: As a diversified natural resources company, Vedanta is committed to deliver sustainable and responsible growth, which creates value for both, our shareholders and all our stakeholders. We proactively engage to incorporate sustainability in all our practices. We are committed to sustainability in energy conservation, recycling, proper treatment & disposal of the waste, health & safety practices, wellbeing of our employees and development of our local communities. With Group Philosophy of "Zero Harm, Zero Discharge & Zero Waste", we have developed Vedanta Sustainability Framework with the incorporation of internationally recognized institutions such ICMM, IFC, OECS, UNEP, etc., as well as align ourselves with the standard guidelines. covering four crucial area namely: Governance, Environment, Health & Safety and Social Performance. To measures its effectiveness and implementation we have also engaged external independent consultant for its periodic review.