V Duke Di Pipes

V-DUCPIPE - Superior Quality DI Pipes.

DI pipes are made from ductile iron, known for its high tensile strength, and are widely used for water supply and pressure sewerage applications. The V-Ducpipe ensures good health flows to every home since it is inherently corrosion resistant. It available in classes K7 and K9 with diameter DN 100 to DN 1200, conforming to IS 8329:2000 standards. This guarantees more pressure bearing ability, unmatched impact resistance and improves the capacity to sustain static or dynamic loading.


  • Withstands very high pressure as well as static and dynamic load
  • High tensile strength and impact resistance
  • Effective leak-tight joint through push-on type joints
  • Higher resistance to corrosion due to higher presence of carbon in microstructure and outer surface coated with zinc


  • Water Distribution Di Pipes

    Water distribution networks.

  • Di Pipes - Life and Gravity System

    Lift & gravity irrigation systems

  • Re Inforcement Di Pipes

    Sewerage & wastewater pumping main.

  • Ash Slurry Di Pipes

    Ash-slurry handling and disposal system in power plants.

  • Di Pipes - Onshore and Offshore fire fighting system

    Onshore and offshore firefighting systems

  • Desalination Plants Di Pipes

    Desalination plants


Mechanical Property Value
Tensile Strength Min. 4,200 Kg/cm2 or 420 MPa
Yield Strength 3,000 Kg/cm2 or 300 MPa
Minimum Elongation 10% Up to DN 1000, 7% for diameter > DN 1000
Modulus of Elasticity 1.62 x 106 - 1.70 x 106 Kg/cm2 or 162,000 - 170,000 MPa
Hardness Max. 230 BHN
Density 7,050 Kg per cubic meter
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 11.5 x 10-6 per degree Celsius (°C) (for temperature range 20°C - 100°C)
Impact Strength More than 80-150 joules
Standard Product Ductile Iron Pipe suitable for Push-on-Jointing
Class of Pipe C20, C25, C30, C40, C50, C64, Class K7,K9
Size Range DN 100mm to DN 1200mm
Standard Length (in meters) 5.5 or 6.0
Internal Linings Cement Mortar Lining
"Cement Type: Ordinary Portland Cement/Sulphate Resistant Cement/Blast
Furnace Slag Cement/High aluminium cement"
Outside Coatings Zinc Coating (130 gm/m2 or 200 gm/m2 or 400 gm/m2) with finishing layer of
Bitumen/Blue Epoxy/Red Epoxy
Alloy of Zinc and Aluminium with or without other metals having a minimum mass of
400 gm/m2 with finishing layer of Bitumen/Blue Epoxy/Red Epoxy
Outside Onsite Protection Polyethylene Sleeving
Coating of Joint Area Bitumen/Epoxy or as per customer requirement
Conforming Specifications ISO 2531; BSEN 545; IS 8329

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