Manufacturing Unit

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The ESL manufacturing plant is located in Siyaljori Block, Bokaro District, Jharkhand. The nearest town Bokaro, on the western side, is 22 km away from the site. The land comprises mainly of barren land with small undulations. Damodar River is the plant’s water source, and the location of the intake pump house will be near its bank, which is about 10 km away from the plant site.

The nearest railway station, Talgaria, is roughly 12 km away from the plant site and has a single-line electrified traction system. The railway link for the plant will be developed from here, with a take-off point at Shewbabudih station.


ESL Steel Limited has taken a lot of technical measures to produce quality products. In the coke ovens, stamp charging technology has been adopted to increase the coke strength. Blast furnaces’ operation is fully computer controlled and fitted with an internal top image camera, temperature flux profile and ropeless stock measurement system. To cut down production costs and enhance productivity, high-temperature stove, coal dust injection system and oxygen enrichment are integrated. Specially designed runners and an online slag granulation system have been utilized to increase metal yield.

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