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TMT bars are produced by a single process comprising of work hardening and heat treatment and are widely used in construction. The V-Xega TMT bars are manufactured in grades- Fe500D, Fe550D, Fe500D CRS and Fe550D CRS as per the IS 1786:2008 standard, with carbon and carbon equivalent levels kept to a lower level than specified to attain better properties.


DI pipes are made from ductile iron, known for its high tensile strength, and are widely used for water supply and pressure sewerage application. The V-Ducpipe is inherently corrosion resistant and is available in classes K7 and K9 with diameter DN 100 to DN 1200, conforming to the IS 8329:2000 standards.


Wire rods are long, semi-finished steel products that are produced by hot rolling billets and have various end uses and applications. The V-Wirro comes in low carbon, medium carbon and high carbon grades with a size ranging from 5.5mm to 16mm and conforms to the IS 7904:2018 standard.

Pig iron is developed by smelting iron ore in a blast furnace and is an intermediate good in the production of steel.


Billets are freshly made, semi-finished steel still in the form of metal bars and are the second-stage product in the making of steel bars. Our billets are cast through 5-strand casters integrated with a basic oxygen furnace linked to a blast furnace, ensuring consistent quality steel.


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